Myths about Calories and Eating

You may think you know everything related to calories. Many of you must be cutting them, adding them up, or counting them as per your diet or need. But there is so much confusion about calorie counting. Ya, it’s true that many of you just trust on the subject are really myths. Here are five … Read more

Supercharge your Metabolism with Real Food

Ya! it’s true your lifestyle and habits play a very important role in having good metabolism. There can not be better results than consuming a nutritious diet full of unprocessed vegetables and fruits. Here are 10 real foods you will want to eat regularly to keep your metabolism pumped up and supercharged.  1. Asparagus Asparagus … Read more

Never Eat These 10 Foods After a Workout

10. Fried foods Fried foods should not be consumed after a workout. It may contain few health benefits things but more than that Fried foods contain high-fat or trans-fats which can slow the digestion process in the gut. Therefore it may delay the delivery of much-needed nutrients into the muscles. Instead of consuming fried food, … Read more

Never Eat These 10 Foods After a Workout

9. Caffeine Do you know Caffeine also raises our body’s stress hormone called cortisol? Caffeine is not harmful but it can just dehydrate the body. I suggest consuming coffee before or prior to a workout so that it can actually boost your energy and can also enhance your performance Prev Next

Never Eat These 10 Foods After a Workout

8. Salty food I know potato chips are so tempting, but they’re not good nor are they ideal after a workout. As in you do not lose enough salt in a workout that lasts for hardly one hour to need a dramatic recovery of salt. Anyhow you will get the sodium you need from your … Read more