Best Tawa Prawns Recipe in 2 different ways

Tawa Prawns

Best Tawa Prawns Recipe  This recipe is very simple and can be cooked in less time. Tawa prawns or Tawa prawns masala is made in Tawa, it includes shrimp and spices. This recipe is yummy and is one of the best recipes. Tawa prawns in Marathi is known as Kolambi masala. Tawa Prawns  Recipe Nutrition … Read more

Best Ghavan Recipe 2022


Ghavan Recipe Ghavan Recipe is made in two ways. Ghavan is also known as Neer dosa, Pan pole. It is a traditional breakfast, it is made with rice or brown rice flour, water, salt to taste and some oil to apply the pan. This recipe is mostly made in Maharashtra and popular as Konkan dish. … Read more

2 Best Prawns Recipes

prawns curry

Prawns Prawns should not be consumed with lemon juice or with food that contains vitamin c if consumed together can cause poisoning. The recipe is a seafood dish, which is very delicious and cooked with very fewer ingredients. If you are looking for a delicious seafood starter recipe, this one is just the right one, … Read more

How to make Best Sweet Kachori Recipe 2022

Sweet Kachori

Sweet Kachori Recipe Sweet Kachori is a snack dish, it is favourite of children. This recipe includes ingredients like coconut, sugar, dry fruits, potato. The recipe is very easy yet it can be cooked in less time. You can make it as evening snacks.   Sweet Kachori Recipe Nutrition Sweet Kachori Recipe includes 250calories Carbohydrates: … Read more

South Indian Food | 7 Best Dishes |

Sambar South Indian Food

Sambar was the origin in India around 17th century, By Tamil King. It is popular in South India and Sir Lanka. Sambar is cooked with pigeon peas, vegetables, tamarind water, and lots of spices. 1) Sambar South Indian food Sambar Recipe Nutrition One serving of this recipe gives around 120 calories. Carbohydrate: 17g calories. Protein: 6g … Read more