Things Everyone Forgets When Renovating Their Kitchen

1. Sufficient lighting Good lighting is an essential aspect of any kitchen. Not only does it provide the necessary visibility to prepare and cook meals, but it can also set the mood and enhance the overall aesthetic of the space. Inadequate lighting can lead to accidents, poor food preparation, and a less enjoyable cooking experience. … Read more

Home Remedies for Sunburn Relief & Treatment

3. Oatmeal The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of oatmeal offer relief and relaxation. As it help prevents infections. It is one of the most efficient ways of speeding up the healing process. Apply a thick paste of oats and milk to the affected area. You can also take an oatmeal bath as well. Prev Next

An Apple a Day more than keeps a Doctor Away this is Why

Everyone knows this common phrase, An apple a day keeps the doctor away. What do you think,  does it really keep the doctor away? So somewhat it is right. As Apples have been linked with several benefits that could help promote long-term health. 1. Highly Nutritious Apples are rich in important nutrients like vitamins,  antioxidants, … Read more

Myths about Calories and Eating

You may think you know everything related to calories. Many of you must be cutting them, adding them up, or counting them as per your diet or need. But there is so much confusion about calorie counting. Ya, it’s true that many of you just trust on the subject are really myths. Here are five … Read more

These Superfoods Belong In Every Healthy Diet

10. Kale It is known as the king of leafy green vegetables. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and various bioactive compounds. It is also said that Kale is healthier than spinach. Raw kale is composed of 84% water, 9% carbohydrates, 4% protein, and 1% fat (table). It is a rich source of … Read more