Best Porridge Recipes in 4 Easy ways

Barley Banana Apple Porridge

How to make Barley Banana Apple, Apple Rice, Amaranth, and Sooji Porridge at Home for baby. 1) Barley Banana Apple Porridge Barley Banana Apple Porridge Nutrition Barley Banana Apple Porridge¬† includes 170 calories Carbohydrates: 35 g. Proteins: 6 g. Fat: 2 g. 2,000 calories are the total daily calorie required for a standard adult diet. … Read more

How To Make Poha | 3 Best Poha Recipes |


Poha is Origen in India around 1890s. It is made from rice (the rice is flat or we can say plan ) the rice is dried. It is eaten as breakfast or as a snack. mostly it is made in Maharashtra, it is very simple and easy to make the dish, and it doesn’t require … Read more

How to make Paneer | 6 best Recipes |


Paneer is a cheez that is very popular and consumed by everyone throughout the world mostly by vegetarian people. We can make paneer at home, with curdling milk, lemon juice. We can also make many dishes with paneer. Now we will have a look at how to make paneer at home, making paneer at home … Read more

How to make Modak | 6 Best Recipes of Modak |


Modak is a sweet dish, made in Maharastra. Modak is mostly prepared for Lord Ganesh during its festival. It is made using rice flour or wheat flour mixed with the stuffing consists of grated coconut and sugar/ jaggery, some handful of dry fruits. The Maharastran people frequently make Steam Modak also called Ukadiche Modak. 1 … Read more