Home Remedies for Sunburn Relief & Treatment

What is Sunburn?

What is Sunburn?

Sunburns occur because of overexposure to UV radiation. It can be painful, irritating, and itchy. As soon as you notice the sunburn it is important to begin treating. The pain of sunburn normally starts within 6 hours and peaks around 24 hours. And within 48 hours the pain can subside. In some cases, the sunburn might cause swelling as well. There are three types of sunburn,

  • Mild sunburns
  • Moderate sunburns
  • Severe sunburns.

Do you know treating sunburns is actually much easier than you might think? With some natural home sunburn remedies, you can get relief from it.

Here are some home remedies for sunburn that will give you relief and treatment.


1. Honey


Honey is known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and naturally antibacterial properties. Because of all these properties, it may help to heal the burn. Honey may also aid with the growth of new skin cells.