10 Most Peaceful Places in Sweden

7) Vättern Lake

Vättern Lake is the second largest lake by surface area in Sweden. The name Vättern is closely related to “vatten”, the Swedish word for water, and also means “water, lake”.

Vättern Lake

Vättern has been famous for the excellent quality of its transparent water. Many of the municipalities in the area receive their drinking water directly from Vättern. It is also known for the annual recreational cycling race “Vätternrundan” with more than 20,000 participants to finish the 300 km trip around the shores of the lake. The Vättern Lake drains into Motala ström through Bråviken into the Baltic Sea. The beautiful natural surroundings of Vättern Lake gives the feeling of heaven. It is the sixth largest lake in Europe.



  • You can easily visit the Vättern Lake by car or bus from the city Jönköping.