How to make Simple Paratha | 8 Different Best Recipes |

How to make Simple Paratha | 8 Different Recipes |

Paratha is commonly served as a breakfast, it can be plain or stuffed paratha.  We can make the stuffed paratha with various stuffing such as Aloo, Gobhi, Paneer, Onion, Chana dal, cheese, muli, methi, and many more. Aloo and methi paratha is more favourable, the Masala paratha is also liked by everyone and is very … Read more

How to make Samosa |12 easy veg recipes|


Samosa History: Samosa is originated in the Middle East and Central Asia, it is a snack. It is made with various fillings and then is fried and served hot. Samosa shape depends on its region, usually, the triangle shape is preferred mostly. It is also served with green chutney or with tomato ketchup, it is … Read more

15 Healthy Best Egg Recipes

Egg Omelette

Egg contains a large amount of protein, calcium, vitamins, carbohydrate, fats, energy, minerals, cholesterol, and chlorine. eggs are widely used in day-to-day life. eggs have huge demand. There are many dishes made from eggs.   How to Boil Egg So now we will see, how to boil an egg easily and perfectly. 1.  Take a … Read more

How to Make Dhokla : 6 best Recipes

Dhokla Recipe

History Dhokla is a vegetarian dish, which origin is Gujarat. Dhokla is served as a breakfast or side dish. It is made from rice flour and split chickpeas powder. There are many types of Dhokla such as Besan Dhokla, Khatta Dhokla, Moong Dal Dhokla, Cheese Dhokla, Rava Dhokla, and many more.   Nutrition Value of … Read more

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