How to make Mutton Biryani at Home| 4 easy recipes|

How to make Mutton Biryani at Home

Mutton Biryani: There are various cooking paid recipes or secrets which no one says publicly. It is as easy to make at home. Some myths making Mutton biryani is a tough job, but I think it’s not true. If u will follow the steps properly, you will differently find it as simple and you can make … Read more

11 easy Chicken recipes to make at home

Chicken recipes

Chicken recipes are consumed across the world. It is cooked in various varieties, it depends on the region and culture. There are various dishes made from it. In these, we will go through 11 different Recipes.   1) Butter Chicken Recipe Easy steps for making Butter Chicken.   Nutrition Value of recipe The Butter Chicken … Read more

2 Best Prawns Recipes

prawns curry

Prawns Prawns should not be consumed with lemon juice or with food that contains vitamin c if consumed together can cause poisoning. The recipe is a seafood dish, which is very delicious and cooked with very fewer ingredients. If you are looking for a delicious seafood starter recipe, this one is just the right one, … Read more

Best Tawa Prawns Recipe in 2 different ways

Tawa Prawns

Best Tawa Prawns Recipe  This recipe is very simple and can be cooked in less time. Tawa prawns or Tawa prawns masala is made in Tawa, it includes shrimp and spices. Tawa prawns in Marathi are known as Kolambi masala. This recipe is yummy and is one of the best recipes.   Tawa Prawns  Recipe … Read more

Best Prawns Biryani Recipe: 2021

prawns biryani

Prawns Biryani ( Prawns Biryani in a pressure cooker) Prawns Biryani is a one-pot recipe, Biryani is a dish that is made or cooked by mixing rice with any nonveg curry, Biryani is popular and liked by everyone in India. It needs less time to make, and also includes fewer ingredients. The prawn’s biryani is … Read more

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